Our Services

Our Services

Thanks to the cooperation with multilingual guides and years of experience,
we can organize and fulfill all your requests.

Tour in Costa Smeralda

A journey through all the wonders of Porto Cervo. Discover the luxurious boutiques as well as the restaurants in the city centre. Fall in love with a breathtaking landscape and a crystaline sea. Discover also the wonderful coves and the nature of Sardinia.

Tour in Sardinia

Discover Sardinia in all its wilderness and beauty. That unfolds in much more than the marvellous sea. We will offer our client a guided tour in the Sardinia inland, one that you have never seen! Here in the island, traditions are still present and deeply rooted.

Archeological Tour

A century-old story, which we can still admire today. Cutting-edge techniques that were used here since antiquity. From the famous Nuraghi, to the “tombs of the giants” and to the Dolmens. They are present throught all the territory of Gallura. You will see and appreciate the wonders of Sardinia.

Culinary Tour

A delicious and flavorful culinary expedition. Varying from fresh carefully chosen fish, to the well-known “porcetto”. In addition, discover own production’s cheeses and luscious farmhouses. They follow ancient methods of preparation and cooking. Traditions passed down from generation to generation. Be prepared to be amazed.